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υитιℓ уσυя ∂ιѕтяєѕѕ ѕℓєєρѕ.

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Personal graphics/art/fan fic posting community
✖ υnтιl yoυr dιѕтreѕѕ ѕleepѕ, ғιll мe υp wιтн yoυr grιeғ. ✖
Welcome to distressandcoma, personal graphics, art, fan fiction, and music/video uploading community owned by carpediem_ai and sakichi! Feel free to take a look around and see if anything strikes your fancy. Make sure you look over the rules and please enjoy your stay!


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✖ rυleѕ ✖
01. Credit distressandcoma or the creator (carpediem_ai / sakichi) if you use anything. DO NOT STEAL ANYTHING HERE WITHOUT GIVING CREDIT!

02. Commenting when you take something is NOT required, but feedback would be very much appreciated. And we'd also like to have an idea of where our creations end up!

03. DO NOT DIRECT LINK! Save things to your own servers. Creating an account at Photobucket, for example, is free and very easy to organize your uploads! Same goes with music/videos. Re-upload if you must, but don't use the links provided within the comm.

04. Do not alter graphics and then claim them as your own. If you'd like a customized icon or whatever, leave a comment stating which one you'd like and what you'd like on it. Also, textless icons are NOT bases!

05. All entries are public for THREE (3) DAYS. Then after this period of time has lapsed, their status will be changed to MEMBERS ONLY. Join the community in order to continue viewing them, as well as past entries. Fan fiction, however, will always be available for public viewing! UNLESS the fan fiction is of the +18 variety, it will then be posted as member's only with an adult content filter on.

06. Be civil! No flaming of ANY of the members or moderators, or expect to be removed/blocked from the community indefinitely.

07. Mature art and fiction may and will be posted here. Please take that into consideration BEFORE joining if you're offended by these sorts of things. You have been warned.

08. Currently, membership is open to everyone! Unless someone causes trouble, it will remain this way.

09. Please refrain from requesting to view original pictures a graphic was made from. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

10. Music and video uploads are not being posted at this time. Continuation of these types of posts is currently being decided.

11. If there's something that needs re-uploaded or if there is a broken link somewhere, please post a comment on said entry letting us know. We'll fix it and get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!